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Shipment of consumer electronics need to be monitored closely

Technology has gotten to almost every part of our lives and it won’t be wrong to say that almost everyone uses smartphones, tablets, and laptops for a significant part of their daily lives. Shipping of such items are expected to be delivered with minimum or no damages as all of these products are of high value. Manufacturers of these products have to be assured and made convinced that their products will reach their consumers on time and without any loss during transit. As a global provider of eCommerce Logistics, the shipment of such products has to be monitored to the very last mile with efficient freight monitoring systems.

Let us take a closer view at what needs to be done in order to ensure the reliable transportation of such products with the help of lifetime monitoring and tracking. We also shall understand why monitoring fragile electronics is required and the various aspects that need to be met for the same.

Why closer monitoring is required?
One of the major reasons why the transportation of electronic products require close monitoring is that a significant number of consumer electronics contain very delicate components in the form of circuit boards and other elements. Every transportation mode has possible transit perils. Imagine due to certain unforeseen conditions the circuit board is jolted out or the soldering joints are damaged. Even a single road bump can cause such things to happen. This can cause serious damages that can run into monetary wastage.

What needs to be monitored?
Packaging plays a very vital role when it comes to the transportation of electronic goods. There are certain prerequisites and protocols which need to be adhered to while shipping laptops, phones, and desktops.

Among the many protocols that are put in place to ensure the smooth and safe transit of electronic products on most important of them is product packaging. All the packaging should be insulated and cushioned to avoid any movement in the event of a bump especially when delicate devices like smartphones have to be transported. Packaging both internal and external as are equally important as along with cushioned lining the large boxes that hold computers and be padded with styrofoam and pallet covers to ensure safe arrival.

Desktops and television sets should also be transported with extreme care and placed properly while in transit. The goods should be placed in proper orientations according to the product layout. Care should be taken to place certain products upward direction during shipment. For example in the case of desktop computers care should be taken to place it in the best possible orientation that will reduce the strain on the motherboard.

In the case of televisions boxed have to be stored in such a way that there is enough space for packing material and no space should be left that enables the product to shift around.

After packaging is dealt with correctly and securely it is now important that you put in place the best tracking and monitoring software for the entire shipment journey. It should be made possible to track your freight and trucks to the extent of even evaluating tilts and shocks.

Monitoring not only should involve transit but also the last mile which is the last step of the delivery of the supply chain. This necessarily means the end journey of a product that involves parcel carrier delivery to the consumer’s homes. Last-mile logistics is of utmost importance as this is where we need to ensure that the package arrives in the best condition into the hands of the consumers.

Final thoughts:
Package delivery with transit monitoring and a complete transportation management system is important so that once gets a complete visibility of your supply chain.

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