Major advantages of having a custom packaging for your goods.

Major advantages of having a custom packaging for your goods.

The idea of shopping and the way it is been done has completely changed with the revolutionary eCommerce industry. It has opened up a completely new way of doing things not only for the consumers but also for marketers and sellers.

Breaking away from the traditional brick and mortar model of consumerism today consumers have started making the closest and best judgment of the products to be purchased, thanks to the awsome platforms and technology and the incredible services provided by sellers.

Consumers are shown products with various options of color and sizes and that’s not all with return features consumers not forced to be happy with what is delivered to them. This ensures that customers are getting to experience the product and assure themselves that it is indeed the right one they have purchased for.

From a seller’s perspective, various areas need to be addressed to ensure your buyer is satisfied with their experience of shopping but most importantly the quality of the product. There is one element that has caught the attention of the sellers today and that being the presentation of the product delivered by a well-presented package.

We all at any point in time and today more often are an online purchaser and imaging many a time we do anxiously wait for the ordered product. What entices more as a consumer today is the very first impression about your package when delivered. We all are very eager to know what is inside an awesome packaged item and more so when it is a gift item.

Unboxing has become a major act that has also caught the attention of many internet-savvy audiences who feel a sense eagerness to open up and possess the product.

Let us find out some of the reasons why its important to personalize and customize your package:

First impression is the best impression:
It is imperative to say that the first impression always counts and if one has the best presentation then the battle is half won. Generally, it can be assumed that the first thing the buyer is likely to experience is the package of the item and that’s the point from where the actual journey of owing the product starts. It arouses the sense of inquisitiveness to open up and see what’s inside the package. This is the best chance to wow your customers and also to give a sense of seriousness and elegance that they can expect when the package is opened up.

A nice branded package goes a long way in increasing the visual value of your company. It is estimated that around 30% of premium customers are likely to make or recommend a purchase purely based on the customer packaging their product is delivered in.

Products are well protected:
Damages are one of the primary challenges while delivering a product to your customers. This not only adds up to the cost of operations but also negatively impacts the business that has an adverse and direct impact on customer retention.

Damages can be averted to a great extent if you have packaged your product in a well-customized packaging that is custom made to fit the product. At least you can be assured that your damages can be to the minimum levels possible.

Better cost saving with perfect packaging:
Cost-saving has to be determined in the best way possible but not at the cost of customer satisfaction. Having said that custom packaging gives us one of the best ways to work out on cost savings as because of the opportunity of tailor-made box measurements the overall volume of shipping gets reduced.

This provides us with a great advantage especially in certain scenarios of logistics where fulfillment expenses are ever-increasing.

Video Marketing a flourishing area:
How many of us have been on a purchase journey and at least ones have watched a youtube video on a product unboxing. Yes, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be close to 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second and that 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve problems or to check out about reviews of products.

Today sellers themselves and even digital marketers are engaging audiences with unboxing videos and have proven to be a great marketing push. Hence considering custom packaging can be the best way to increase brand reach and thereby get more people to react to your product on social media thereby spreading the message to other buyers and consumers.

Summary :
This is the best time for sellers and marketers as online purchase and the internet has given us the best platforms to showcase our products and services. It is all about visual media and as a seller one has to accomplish all possibilities of reaching your target audiences via the digital media let it be via social media or video platforms. Having good custom packaging adds unseen value to your brand and products that become a major factor for recommendations and repurchases.

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