How is RFID benefiting Warehouses today?

Your warehouse will be spread through millions of square feet of storage and it becomes close to impossible to keep tabs on. It is a humongous task for the warehouse manager particularly in the E-Commerce Logistics sector to monitor every single product that enters and exits the warehousing facility.

We have come a long way from the traditional pen and paper style of maintaining the records that usually involves a lot of fo chances for human errors. Maintaining an accurate and up to date picture o your daily warehouse operations ca be the biggest challenge.warehouse management

Thanks to the introduction of the RFID technology it as given us the power to streamline the daily warehouse operations with limited or sometimes no human intervention thereby reducing errors.

RFID today has become one of the most important elements in smooth warehouse management operations.

We give our readers a quick insight into what an RFID is and then take you to the various advantages RFID can bring to your warehouse management operations.

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data. RFID is used to capture digitally encoded data on tags or smart labels via its radio waves. RFID warehouseToday RFIDs are used in many industries and a wide range of applications due to its many benefits. One of the major reasons why RFID has become an invaluable tool for warehouse management is due to its ability to track and identify in real-time that enables accurate inventory controls.

It would be worthwhile to understand the working of RFID in a warehouse. RFID works with a tag or a chip that is attached to each item. It can be either to an individual product or box or a pallet. These tags being chip-based will have an internal memory that will store information on the item. This information can be modified at any time as and when the product moves through the different processes involved in a warehouse.

The information stored in the chip can be transmitted to any warehouse management system using electromagnetic signals. This happens in real time as data is updated immediately onto the central database which gives instant access to data that can be analyzed.

Let’s dive into the top 5 reasons why RFID should be used in any warehouse.

  • Unlike the barcode tags which need to be seen and scanned in close range, tags used for RFID need not be seen to read data. It essentially means that the tracking product or people can be anywhere in a specified range thereby increasing the speed and efficiencey in a warehouse.
  • Tags do not have to be seen to read data. This means that tracking products or people can happen from anywhere in a specified range which maximizes speed and efficiency.
  • RFID technology is so efficient that it can read up to 200 tags at a go. This will see a valuable increase in speed and productivity as the personnel do not have to scan each product tag physically.
  • One of the reasons why RFID’s are so much required in a warehouse is that the position of each tag is flexible as the tags need not bee seen by the reader.
  • In comparison with a barcode, RFIDs can store 100 times the data of barcodes. Hence it allows you to keep track of all the data you need for your inventory such as lot and serial number, size, manufacturer, vendor, expiration date, user, location on the production line and anything else you might want to know.

RealTime Data:
By using RFID’s warehouse management software is updated in real-time facilitating us with the current flow of the items that arrive on the dock, leaves the warehouse.

Error Free:
One of the biggest advantages of using RFID’s is that the data transmitted from the tags is automated and this largely reduces human errors in the inventory process.

RFID technology automates the process of transferring the data of each item to the WMS. This process which involves zero human intervention increased the efficiency of the warehouse operations. Secondly picking up items or boxes are of great relief for the employees at the warehouse as RFIDs can locate the items within no item in the warehouse. This also increases the speed of putting the items into transit.

Now after understanding and evaluating the benefits of the RFID technology, it is imperative to say that RFID’s should be well integrated into your warehouse management system. It not only lowers the operating costs but also increases your speed, efficiency, and accuracy at your warehouse.

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