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4 Most Beneficial Tips for LTL Shipping

Competition is part and parcel of any industry as in business every entity would want to deliver the best and be at the top of their game. But many of the companies fail to accomplish it partly due to lack of strategy and mostly because they fail to identify and access all the necessary elements that contribute to their operational success.

Logistic industry is one such industry that involves cut-throat competition at every stage of its operations. If a logistics company needs to be as one of the best and topmost performing entities then today it has to focus more on is supply chain abilities. It won’t be wrong to mention that if the supply chain of the logistic company is not working at top-notch abilities then it can grossly impact the logistic business of the company.

The supply chain is a coordination and integration of various moving parts, entities, and modes of transportation that has to be taken into account and has to be monitored constantly. One such key mode that is a challenge for many logistics companies is the Less Than Truckload shipping. This is one such area that gives many logistics companies a nightmare with unpredictable rates and diverse charges from various trucking providers. On top of it the biggest challenge being that there are very few Truckload providers that add to the misery of many logistics companies.

Handling and transporting relatively smaller freight and lesser quantity is what LTL operationally offers. Meaning that the shipment will not take up an entire truck and typically such shipments may weigh anywhere between 100 and 10,000 pounds. This necessarily means that the shipper needs to pay only for the space in the truck that is occupied by their goods. The rest of the truck will be loaded with shipments from other companies. Such a facility that gives leverage to transporting smaller quantities of goods allows small businesses to operate on their restrictive budgets.

As one of the premier logistics companies offering E-Commerce logistics in Singapore, we at Global Consol have evaluated and would suggest these 4 core tips for LTL shipping that may prove to be beneficial.

Follow the best packing methods:

It is a known fact that more than half of freight damages are caused by the shippers because of poor packaging. The packaging is one of the most important departments in the logistics industry and one has to do it with utmost care using the best supplies and procedures. This is very crucial as it helps in protecting the shipments while in transit.

One of the main reasons why packaging is so important is that during the journey of your shipment towards its destination it is many a time handled by various entities and swaps hands and containers multiple times. Hence one shouldn’t worry about spending some extra pennies on using the best quality materials as ultimately reaching your shipment with no damage is of foremost importance to any logistics company.

Correct Dimensions for your goods:

If you do not have a correct idea of the size and dimension of your shipment then it will be difficult for the Truck provider to allocate space and thereby access the charges you will have to incur. Hence you must measure your cargo perfectly and classify the same as suggested by your truck carrier. Regardless of the products or volume accurate measurements of dimension is the key in handling your shipments well via truckload transportation.

Perfect Documentation:

Accurate data is the key to a successful logistics transportation and hence documentation and paperwork should be handled well with correct information. It is wrong paperwork and documentation that lead to many major confusions and delays in the transportation process which cannot be afforded in this line of business. It is always better to have less manual involvement in the documentation procedures and as such a good Transport Management Software is apt to ensure that now false information causes transit mishandling and delays.

Correct destination address and time of delivery:

Every successful transportation needs to find its ultimate intended destination and only then can an operation be marked as completed. But many times particularly when it comes to the truck transportation wrong delivery address and unavailable customers at a stipulated time leads to many delays and return of goods. One tip is to ensure the delivery of your shipment to your customer is to ensure that the location where your product or shipment needs to be delivered is equipped to handle an LTL shipment. If not then it becomes completely your responsibility to ensure such delivery reaches your customer and hence one needs to recheck on all possible and viable alternatives.


So as we have tried to narrow down on the most important key strategies you can implement that will be beneficial in LTL shipping there are still many minute details which you may oversee. Yet if you try to automate your operations well and try to organize and package your shipment using the best possible methods then rest ensured you can successfully deliver your shipment to your customer on time and intact.

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